card catch-up time!

August 25, 2006 at 1:29 pm (my indulgent friends, official postcrossing cards, tags)

denali.jpgour good friends lori and dan live in alaska and lori is who i send all the cool stamps to.  i’m trying to get her hooked on postcrossing, too!  🙂  she sent me these 2 beautiful cards. denali-2.jpg

de-31233.jpg my first official card from Germany! it’s from claudia in cologne.

fi-50939.jpg an adorable official card from  tuuli in finland.  i love all these moomin cards!

fi-51616.jpg another great official moomin card from finland from nlina in helsinki.

another-us-2-us.jpga us to us tag card from coloradogreystar

beach-tag.jpg a beach tag card from susan in vancouver, CA.

church-tag.jpg Grote of Onze Lievevrouwekerk in Dordrecht, Netherlands.  Emgee sent it to me for the historic church tag.

gothic-tag.jpgthis card is from benjamin in malaysia.  he says, “this art is loosely based on the culture of the Iban people of Sarawak”.  The artist is Kelvin Chap.  It’s for the gothic art tag.  amazing!

historic-home-tag.jpg this is the Puckett Cabin in Virginia, home of midwife Orelena Hawks Puckett.  She delivered over 1000 babies.  Historic Home tag card from Renae.

mountain-tag.jpg a beautiful view of the superstition mountains in AZ from Rororosie for a mountain tag.

theatre-tag.jpg the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow- a lovely card from Tatiana for a theatre tag.

us-2-us.jpg a nice multiview of cleveland, oh from gretchen for another us 2 us tag.


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  1. cotegreen50885 said,

    Well, It was gonna happen sooner or later…Haha. Congratz. And WHOA….THERE WAS SUCH THING AS A PRE-ENGAGEMENT. Freaking Awesome. Click

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