the last cards of july

August 1, 2006 at 3:05 am (cool stamps, my indulgent friends, official postcrossing cards, tags)

Today I hit the jackpot: one official card, one tag, and one card from a friend!

fi-43384.jpgMy latest Moomin card, it’s an official card from Satu66 in Finland.  MOOMIN!

katstamp2.jpgthis is the stamp on the Moomin card. Finland makes such cool stamps.

nice-carol.jpgCarol sent me another card, this one from a Series of Unfortunate Events. Carol knows my love for the grim Victorian look. . .

book-tag.jpgThis cool card was made for me by Hattu in Germany.  It’s for the “recommend a book to me” tag.  The card shows the cover of the book recommended to me; Zu Hause (At Home).  Hattu writes, “It tells the story of Larus.  Laurus lives in Hamburg and returns back to Iceland (his former home) for X-mas.  But his journey fastly spirals out of control and soon the fact that he is declared dead in Iceland is his smallest problem.  The book impressed me very much and the rights shortly sold to the U.S.”  My first handmade card too, and the book sounds good!


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