card catch-up time!

August 25, 2006 at 1:29 pm (my indulgent friends, official postcrossing cards, tags)

denali.jpgour good friends lori and dan live in alaska and lori is who i send all the cool stamps to.  i’m trying to get her hooked on postcrossing, too!  🙂  she sent me these 2 beautiful cards. denali-2.jpg

de-31233.jpg my first official card from Germany! it’s from claudia in cologne.

fi-50939.jpg an adorable official card from  tuuli in finland.  i love all these moomin cards!

fi-51616.jpg another great official moomin card from finland from nlina in helsinki.

another-us-2-us.jpga us to us tag card from coloradogreystar

beach-tag.jpg a beach tag card from susan in vancouver, CA.

church-tag.jpg Grote of Onze Lievevrouwekerk in Dordrecht, Netherlands.  Emgee sent it to me for the historic church tag.

gothic-tag.jpgthis card is from benjamin in malaysia.  he says, “this art is loosely based on the culture of the Iban people of Sarawak”.  The artist is Kelvin Chap.  It’s for the gothic art tag.  amazing!

historic-home-tag.jpg this is the Puckett Cabin in Virginia, home of midwife Orelena Hawks Puckett.  She delivered over 1000 babies.  Historic Home tag card from Renae.

mountain-tag.jpg a beautiful view of the superstition mountains in AZ from Rororosie for a mountain tag.

theatre-tag.jpg the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow- a lovely card from Tatiana for a theatre tag.

us-2-us.jpg a nice multiview of cleveland, oh from gretchen for another us 2 us tag.


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norway + moomin = good day!

August 15, 2006 at 3:48 am (cool stamps, official postcrossing cards)

norway.jpgmy first ever official (or otherwise) card from norway!  It’s from Astrid. She says the picture on the card is the Geiranger fjord in Southern Norway.

this is the cool norwegian stamp:


Here is my latest Moomin card, an official card from Taikatuutuu in Espoo, Finland.  Note the fun shape! It is of the character Little Myy.  I am so crazy about Moomin!  🙂


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a lot of catching up to do!

August 11, 2006 at 1:11 am (cool stamps, my indulgent friends, official postcrossing cards, tags)

i’ve been a bit behind because of work and stuff, so this should get me up to date.  check out these cards:

scan0001.jpg Helsinki at night, an official card from Hilja.

scan0002.jpg A cookie recipe I received in a swap with Bodaquilt- sounds delicious!

 scan0003.jpg Katherine sent me this view of her city Dortmunder in Germany and wrote me in spanish so we could practice! (language other than english tag)

scan0004.jpg a funny offical card from Danielle in Holland

scan0005.jpgA reindeer!  This card is an official card and was made by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.  It is from Maalaistalli in Porroo, Finland.

scan0006.jpg this beautiful card is an official card from tiiabea in Finland.  It’s a cool square shape too.

scan0007.jpg a really cool antique map of africa from larkspur in texas for a “you choose” tag.  i picked it because it made me think of warren in kenya!

scan00081.jpgthis card is for the “peculiar” tag and is from laura in finland.  she says the artwork is by Sipo Lumatainen and the name of the piece is “Me and Leonardo”.  I love bizarre postcards!

scan0009.jpg this is the cool stamp that came with laura’s card

scan0010.jpg a card from Silvermel for the toys tag

scan0011.jpga lovely lighthouse from Skrallan in Finland for the lighthouse tag

scan0012.jpg this card is from vixen (in finland) for a peculiar card swap.  it cracks me up! 

scan0014.jpg a beautiful view of Pulau Redang in Terengganu, Malaysia from Newrule for the “typical landscape” tag

scan0015.jpg this is the beautiful stamp from the Malaysian card

scan.jpg this very cool card is from my friend and fellow postcrosser baranpower.  She thoughtfully picked up this card for me at Pitchfork.  She’s a sweetie!

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the last cards of july

August 1, 2006 at 3:05 am (cool stamps, my indulgent friends, official postcrossing cards, tags)

Today I hit the jackpot: one official card, one tag, and one card from a friend!

fi-43384.jpgMy latest Moomin card, it’s an official card from Satu66 in Finland.  MOOMIN!

katstamp2.jpgthis is the stamp on the Moomin card. Finland makes such cool stamps.

nice-carol.jpgCarol sent me another card, this one from a Series of Unfortunate Events. Carol knows my love for the grim Victorian look. . .

book-tag.jpgThis cool card was made for me by Hattu in Germany.  It’s for the “recommend a book to me” tag.  The card shows the cover of the book recommended to me; Zu Hause (At Home).  Hattu writes, “It tells the story of Larus.  Laurus lives in Hamburg and returns back to Iceland (his former home) for X-mas.  But his journey fastly spirals out of control and soon the fact that he is declared dead in Iceland is his smallest problem.  The book impressed me very much and the rights shortly sold to the U.S.”  My first handmade card too, and the book sounds good!

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