Back from vacation and rich in postcards!

July 26, 2006 at 2:56 am (my indulgent friends, official postcrossing cards, tags)

I have some amazing cards to show you today!

ca-5607.jpg This is my first official card from Canada! (New Brunswick to be exact)

fi-39625.jpgThis awesome card is an official one received from Karen in Finland.  She obliged my love for Moomin!

 fi-39059.jpg My first official card from Finland AND my first cat card! (I am a woman of many obsessions, cats being one of them.  It’s from Irena.)

pl-1462.jpg My first card from Poland!  It is an official one from Basia.  I showed it to my friend Margo from Poland and she was so happy to see it.  Basia says “according to legend, the dragon lived in a cave under the castle and terrorized the whole city until an ingenious shoemaker fed it a sheep stuffed with phsophorus.  The dragon exploded, but apparently the city missed him as they build him a monument.” 

nl-15097.jpgThis is the first official postcrossing card I ever received.  It’s a lovely night view of Holland from Nadine.  I would love to visit the Netherlands!

moon-tag.jpg This beautiful card is from Lindos, Greece, where Moisianu from Finland visited a few weeks ago.  She sent this lovely view to me for a moon tag.

private-swap.jpg This unusual card is from Saija in Finland.  She is very cool and sent me this card from the Valamo Monastery in exchange for a new Miami card I had.  She is so nice! 

my-friend-carol.jpg One of my oldest and dearest friends in the universe is Carol.  She knows of my weird postcard thing and sent me this from her vacation at her mom’s, where there are wild ponies just like in the card.  She recommends reading Her Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik in her card.  Go get it!

fi-41225.jpg I got this fantastic Moomin card today as an official card from Maija in Finland.  She was nice enough to translate the card for me, which she said loosely means, “May happiness be with you on your life’s journey and a good friend to be with you all the time.”  🙂

privateswap2.jpgAnother really cool Moomin card from Saija in Finland (who I sent me the lovely angelic card above) from a private swap.

turtle-swap.jpg Adorable green turtle hatchlings from Pelf in Malaysia. I swapped her a loggerhead card, our native marine turtle in Florida.  She works to preserve the marine turtle population.  Find out more here!

us-to-us.jpg Imelda, how did you know I’m crazy for Emily the Strange?  (maybe my love of skulls, bats, and so forth gave it away, huh?) This is from Ohio for a US to US tag.  Thanks!

map-tag.jpg Gniessrock of Colorado sent me this way cool map of Colorado for a map tag.  My first CO card!

us-to-us-2.jpgCheck out this card from Karen in SD.  (US to US tag again. I’m hooked!) Paha Ska, according to the card, is a Sioux artist, most noted for painting Sioux legends on animal hides.  This card is really awesome because my husband used to live right by Mount Rushmore, so he really dug it. 

Whew! I’m all caught up as of this moment.  Who knows what will come in the mailbox tomorrow????



  1. Carol said,

    Wow, you really garnered a lot of cool cards! I had never heard of Moomin before– wacky and wonderful! I will keep an eye out for cool postcards in Illinois (haha that’s an oxymoron!)
    You are awesome!

  2. pelf said,

    I am sure you were very surprised to receive sooo many cards at once =)

  3. lillya said,

    Hi from a fellow-postcrosser. You have an interesting collection with beautiful cards. The turtles are my favourite. I’ve also got a Moomin, but it’s a different one. They are cute! Happy postcrossing, Lillya

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