a lucky day!

July 10, 2006 at 9:40 pm (tags)

butterfly tag this beautiful card is from yote in finland for the butterfly tag

Magic, Paranormal, ESP tag this awesome card was made by wackystuff for the magical/paranormal tag.  it came from British Columbia, Canada.  So unusual!

Food Packaging TagThis delicious card is from iitaliina in finland.  it’s for the food packaging tag.  YUM!

cat stamp! this is the adorable stamp on iitaliina’s card!

amyswap.jpgthis is a private swap i did with amybelle, who needed a FL map card for her collection.  I was happy to oblige, and got a cool Milwaukee card! 

I had been feeling down about postcrossing lately because i’ve not heard from people whether or not they received my cards in tags.  But  getting 4 lovely cards in one day totally cheered me up!  Now i have to come up with a cool way to display or store all my postcrossing cards, anyone have cool ideas?


1 Comment

  1. Christine said,

    I LOVE the 2nd postcard!. I need to get in there and do the tag thing … I want to see if I can get anyone to send me tattoo postcards. I collect tattoo art so I think it would be really cool.

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